Bucharest, Romania, 28.09.2015 – KEI Development, the Romanian company specialized in innovation investments has begun the construction of FREELO, the first entertainment resort in Romania and the region to host an aerodynamic wind tunnel and a wave pool for surfing. The project is being developed on 10,000 sq. meters near Bucharest and will be completed in spring 2016.

The resort will include an aerodynamic wind tunnel, a surf pool and a relaxation area with semi-Olympic swimming pool, spa, gourmet restaurant, boutique hotel and an outdoor video projection zone.

The cutting edge technologies used within the complex have been developed exclusively in Romania by local engineers and their quality, performance and efficiency will place FREELO amongst the most technological advanced leisure centres of this type in the world. The initial investment in developing the project is estimated at approximately 8.000.000 EUR.

“Exploring innovation and releasing its potential value, FREELO redefines the urban adventure and offers the public unlimited access to unique sports.” states Mihai Zamfir, CEO of KEI Development.

The vertical wind tunnel enables customers to defy gravity and experience the free falling sensation of skydiving. The dream of flight will become reality for anyone, anytime, in an accessible and controlled environment. The wind tunnel will be a source of entertainment and fun for children and amateurs in search of adrenaline, teambuilding and leadership sessions for companies, as well as a training centre for athletes or military Special Forces.

FREELO and its innovative wave pool technology will also bring surfing to Bucharest and the region. Usually practiced in the ocean and only in certain weather conditions, surfing is considered exotic in the area, but globally reunites an increasingly larger and passionate community.

Romania’s capital, Bucharest, has become a destination of choice for foreigners looking for a great time on city break or more. The vibrant cosmopolitan city known as the “The Little Paris” is easily accessible by plane and offers interesting cultural experiences, an active nightlife and plenty of options for relaxation. The FREELO Resort will complement the already existing entertainment by adding some extra adrenaline to the urban adventure.



FREELO is Romania’s and Eastern Europe’s first integrated entertainment resort that offers unique attractions and experiences: indoor skydiving, indoor surfing and a relaxation area with semi-Olympic swimming pool, spa, gourmet restaurant, boutique hotel and an outdoor video projection zone.


The resort’s cutting-edge design houses a unique place where everyone has the chance to embrace new challenges: defy gravity, defy dimensions and enhance their senses.

FREELO is truly a one of a kind facility suitable for kids and adults of all ages looking for a new and exciting way to spend their free time. It is the cool place to be and embrace Freelosophy.




About KEI Development

KEI Development is a leading stock company specializing in value investment in innovation. KEI Development reunites experts with engineering knowledge, operational and management experience, and investment planning understanding in order to innovate and develop new markets with high economic potential in Romania and Europe.