About us

“ Exploration drives innovation and innovation drives economic growth.“

Our mission

At KEI Development, we strongly believe that exploration drives innovation and innovation drives economic growth. Accelerated and sustainable growth is possible only through interconnected companies and teams.

Exploring innovation, releasing its potential value and bringing together creative teams is at the heart of everything we do.

This unique approach has driven us to create a new business model: KEI Development identifies innovative projects, businesses with high potential and valuable teams, and explores opportunities to interconnect them for accelerated and sustainable growth.

Our approach

In search for innovation, we explore multiple fields, products, technologies, services, organizations, communities, behaviors and attitudes.

KEI Development’s team seeks to discover inventions, impressive performances and identify valuable projects as well as companies with spectacular evolutions that need support for sustainable and accelerated growth.

We devote significant resources to studying existing and non-existent markets, analyzing the potential of identified projects and business, decrypting their competition and establishing a profitable business plan.

Benefiting from constantly increasing capital, true expert knowledge in engineering and practical experience in operations, management and investment planning, KEI Development brings to life innovative projects and supports great companies with outstanding performances.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Investment in innovation.