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FREELO wind tunnel developer starts selling preferential shares

KEI Development, project developer of FREELO – Romania and Eastern Europe’s first entertainment resort with indoor skydiving and indoor surfing, is selling out preferential shares valued at 3,000,000 lei. Anyone can become an investor in FREELO’s international franchise with a minimum investment of 1,000 euro.

Starting with fall 2016, Romanians and tourists from all over the world will have the chance to experience the sensation of flight with over 290 km/h in the FREELO wind tunnel. Built on a 12,500 sq.m land near Bucharest, FREELO entertainment resort with host a vertical wind tunnel, a wave pool for surfing and a relaxation area with a semi-Olympic swimming pool, spa, gourmet restaurant and an outdoor projection space.

KEI Development S.A., the project developer, invested approx. 9 million euro in the entertainment resort. Founded spring 2015 by a team of Romanian entrepreneurs, KEI Development is a joint-stock company specializing in value investment in innovation with the objective of developing new markets with high economic potential in Romania and Europe.

In July 2016, KEI Development will start selling preferential shares valued at 3,000,000 lei with a guaranteed return of 10% and ordinary shares values at 3,000,000 lei with a return of approx. 24% annually. The share price is 1 Leu per unit and dividends are paid out annually. For the first year of activity, the company estimates a turnover of approx. 4,000,000 euro.

„Anyone can invest in FREELO, whether they have 1,000 or 100,000 eur0 and we are glad to have such a good response from investors. Our wind tunnel and wave pool technologies are superior to those already available on the market and we are already in touch with various parties interested in acquiring the franchise and building FREELO centers in Italy, Switzerland, United States, Australia, Columbia and more. The next step is listing KEI Development at the Bucharest Stock Exchange in order to attract funds for developing the franchise internationally,” stated Andrei Ion, Executive Director KEI Development.

The preferential share launched by KEI Development entitles the holder to a priority dividend which will be cashable at the end of the financial year, before shareholders with ordinary shares.

„We decided to offer preferential shares in order to appeal to individuals keen on investing in innovation and attractive projects, but with no experience in the capital market and share acquisition at the stock exchange. In a guaranteed return share, the risk much lower than common shares as it is taken on by the investors. At the same time, the benefits are much superior to bank deposits, where there is no risk, but interests rage between 1% and 2%. As such, we are actively participating in developing the Romanian capital market, inviting as many individuals as possible t0 become investors in a unique project,” continued Andrei Ion, Executive Director KEI Development.

Inspired by a business model similar to those practiced by other wind tunnel resorts in Europe, the company estimates an investment recovery timeframe of approximately 5 years, taking into an account a medium level of occupancy. The international market is in continuous development and investments in similar European project have been recovered in approximately 2 years. Most wind tunnels in Europe have 100% occupancy and require a waiting time and an advance experience booking of at least two weeks.

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Madrid, Berlin, Stockholm, Dubai, Chicago, Toronto or Sao Paolo are just a few of the world cities that host a vertical aerodynamic wind tunnel. Part of a market unknown to Romanians until now, tunnel flying is an exciting sport that has won over the hearts of people from all around the world. In numbers, the passion for flight is translated in: over 112 operational vertical wind tunnels, 69 still under construction, over 40 countries and an estimated audience of 5.5 billion curious individuals (according to Indoor Skydiving).


FREELO is Romania’s and Eastern Europe’s first integrated entertainment resort that offers unique attractions and experiences: indoor skydiving, indoor surfing and a relaxation area with semi-Olympic swimming pool, spa, gourmet restaurant, boutique hotel and an outdoor video projection zone.

The resort’s cutting-edge design houses a unique place where everyone has the chance to embrace new challenges: defy gravity, defy dimensions and enhance their senses.
FREELO is truly a one of a kind facility suitable for kids and adults of all ages looking for a new and exciting way to spend their free time. It is the cool place to be and embrace Freelosophy.

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KEI Development is a leading stock company specializing in value investment in innovation. KEI Development reunites experts with engineering knowledge, operational and management experience, and investment planning understanding in order to innovate and develop new markets with high economic potential in Romania and Europe.